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Want A Financial Adviser? Here Are Some Things To Look For

From NPR News

The first thing to realize about financial advice is that it’s not free — and it often costs more than you think. That’s what Morra Aarons-Mele found when she decided to find a financial adviser after she inherited an IRA from her father.

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The Good News And Bad News About How People Die

From NPR News

There has been a profound — and positive — change since 1990 in how people die around the world, a new study shows. “We’ve made great progress in reducing the risks of maternal and child health, diarrhea, pneumonia, though there’s still more work to be done,” says Dr. Alan Lopez, author of a global analysis of risk factors of death published this week in the journal The Lancet. Since 1990, childhood malnutrition and unsafe water have fallen off the top 10 causes of death around the world.

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Calpers to cut external money managers by half

Calpers headquarters is seen in Sacramento, California, October 21, 2009. REUTERS/Max Whittaker

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System intends to cut ties with roughly half of the firms handling its money to reduce fees paid to investment managers, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Calpers, the largest pension fund in the United States, will tell its investment board on June 15 that it plans to cut the number of direct relationships it has with private equity, real estate and other external funds to about 100 from 212, the newspaper reported. (on.wsj.com/1JxYH3R)

The pullback, which would take place over the next five years, is expected to save Calpers hundreds of millions of dollars in management fees, the newspaper said.

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CalPERS to disclose retiree pensions on website

California’s mammoth public retirement system will fire up a new searchable pension database this month, according to a notice sent recently to member organizations.

The database will provide retiree information that is considered public: pensioners’ names, their monthly gross pension payment, their base allowance, the Cost of Living Adjustment, their years of service, when they retired, their pension benefit formulas, final compensation and last employer.

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CalPERS wins round in city’s bankruptcy case

English: CalPERS headquarters at Lincoln Plaza...

CalPERS won a preliminary skirmish against a bond insurance company Thursday in the battle over San Bernardino’s bankruptcy case.

A bankruptcy judge in Riverside granted CalPERS’ request to ban the Winston & Strawn law firm from representing bond insurer National Public Finance Guarantee Corp. because of a conflict of interest. The firm had hired a lawyer who used to work for CalPERS on the San Bernardino and Stockton bankruptcies.

Winston & Strawn argued that there was no conflict because the firm had policies keeping the lawyer from disclosing information about the California Public Employees’ Retirement System.

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10 Retirement Concerns to Prepare For


It’s impossible to know what tomorrow may bring. Another Boston. A sequester surprise. Or disasters both natural and man-made. Life is different in Retirement Land. Here, there is certainty in sniffing out the major issues that will confront retirees and people getting ready to retire. Regularly, a common group of core issues is studied, reported, blogged, and tweeted about – day in and day out, week in and week out, year in and, well, you get the picture.

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The Roundup: Legislature takes up CalPERS’ long-term care; federal hiring slows

The State Worker: Committee calls hearing on CalPERS long-term care insurance
Don’t be surprised if an Assembly hearing next Tuesday gets a tad heated. – The Sacramento Bee

Budget cuts squelch hiring
Hiring in the federal government has dropped by a third over the past three years as budget cuts have taken their toll.– Federal Times

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