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Is China a threat to your retirement portfolio?

Plunging Chinese stock prices may have U.S. investors concerned about their exposure. But, for the most part, they probably don’t need to worry.

Advisors say many U.S. investors, especially those who have diversified, won’t feel a huge bite to their overall portfolio.

For one, most U.S. investors and mutual funds own shares of Chinese companies traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, not the Shanghai Stock Exchange, said Patricia Oey, senior fund analyst at investment research firm Morningstar.

While the Shanghai Composite stock index, which tracks China’s benchmark stock market, dropped 8.5 percent on Monday, suffering its biggest daily loss since 2007, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index fell 3.1 percent.

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From Sacbee.com : 10 Things to Know for Today


One of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing is dead and a massive manhunt is under way for another.


Residents of West gather at a tearful church service and many say they knew someone feared dead.


At 10 a.m., the proposed immigration law gets its first test in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, where opponents are sure to grill its authors.


The poll shows that only one in four Americans expects their financial situation to improve over the next year.

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From Sacbee.com : Jerry Brown heads to China to get ‘billions’ in investment

In 1977, during a visit to Japan when he was governor before, Gov. Jerry Brown suggested a side trip to China and hastily made arrangements before abandoning the idea.

“I think it’s too jet-setty,” Brown told Orville Schell, who was traveling with the governor and included the exchange in the 1978 book “Brown.” “I think such a fast trip to China would be too flaky, and I’ve got to watch that.”

Thirty-six years later, Brown has found more time, and China is eager to accommodate him.

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Dow Jones industrial average trades at a new high

The Dow has never been higher.

The Dow Jones industrial average jumped nearly 100 points early Tuesday, reaching an all-time high, powered by China’s strong economic growth targets and a jump in European retail sales.

Shortly after the opening bell the Dow was trading at 14,222. It’s on track to close above its record of 14,164 reached on Oct. 9, 2007. It’s up 7.8 percent for the year.

The Standard & Poor’s index rose 11 points to 1,536. It’s also within striking distance of its own record of 1,565.

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Chinese, American students study together in OUSD schools

Lincoln Middle School student Avery Ringlever works with Chinese exchange students Zhou Qi Yu, center, and Li Yu Huan, as they change classes at the school Tuesday.

OCEANSIDE — For 32 Chinese students visiting Lincoln and King middle schools in Oceanside this week, the lessons learned were not just about math, science and geography.

The students also were learning about American education, and said they liked what they saw.

“In China, our class is silent,” said Yang Weryu, 12, whose American name is Cecilia. “Only the teacher can talk. The class here is more funny and interesting.”

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