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CalPERS long-term care policyholders downgrade coverage, avoid rate hike

More than a quarter of policyholders covered by CalPERS’ most costly long-term care insurance switched to cheaper plans over the last year, avoiding a controversial premium hike that looms in 2015.

About 16,000 people shifted from programs that guaranteed life-time benefits with inflation-adjusted payouts to policies that cap payments for convalescent care, in-home assistance and similar services, CalPERS executive Ann Boynton told reporters during a Tuesday conference call…

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Will Audit Of San Diego Police Department Lead To Reform?

San Diego’s police department might soon join the list of other large city police forces under the microscope.

Police Chief William Lansdowne has proposed an external audit of his department to address the alleged officer misconduct issues.

But will an audit lead to real reforms?

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San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Getting 8 Percent Raise Over 4 Years

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved an 8 percent raise for sheriff’s deputies over the next four years.

The agreement, given tentative approval by the 2,300-member Deputy Sheriffs Association last week, will provide a 2 percent raise in June, a 1 percent hike next year, 3 percent more pay in 2016 and another 2 percent in 2017.

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Police guard Calif school during search for killer

A region of oak-studded hills in California, where big-city dwellers come to get away from crime, was on lockdown Monday, two days after a mysterious intruder stabbed an 8-year-old girl to death at home before being spotted by her 12-year-old brother.

With the suspect still on the loose, some of the kids in this enclave nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills were hunkering down after school at James Barci’s ranch.

“Nobody is staying alone,” said Barci, a truck driver and parent volunteer at Jenny Lind Elementary School, where victim Leila Fowler was a popular third-grader. “I told my work I’m not coming in, and I’m just going to have all of my kids’ friends at the house until this is over.”

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San Diego-Based Marines And Sailors Visit Special Needs Kids In Hong Kong

15th MEU Marines and Sailors visit Lok Hing Child Care Centre.

Members of the Camp Pendleton-based 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit spent time last week with special needs children at the Lok Hing Child Care Centre in Hong Kong.

Jacinta Chan Yin Ching, a teacher at Lok Hing Child Care Centre, told 15th MEU Public Affairs that the centre provides therapy and education for children, as well as support for parents:

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From : Exposures: I Care: Volunteer raises and lowers flag on weekends to honor U.S. military veterans

Under a gray-blue sky streaked with pale yellow, Wilkie Liang lowers an American flag in front of the Hall of Justice on Freeport Boulevard. He quietly walks through an empty parking lot before sunset. He reverently folds the flag into a triangle and places it securely in a drawer.

Liang takes on many duties as a volunteer in police service. His most sentimental contribution is making sure the flag flies on weekends and holidays, when the police and fire headquarters are closed.

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SEC: Ivestment banker lied to CalPERS about assets he managed

CalPERS atrium

A Chicago investment adviser was accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission today of lying to CalPERS and other clients about the amount of money he managed.

The SEC said the adviser, Umesh Tandon of Simran Capital Management, told CalPERS in 2008 he managed $200 million. In fact, he only managed $80 million.

Big investors like CalPERS often rely on the amount of assets under management to vet potential investment managers, the SEC said.

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CalPERS board OKs accounting changes hiking pension costs

Leaders of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System voted this afternoon to speed up payments on the fund’s long-term liabilities with an accounting change that will trigger higher contributions of up to 50 percent from taxpayer-funded state and local governments and school districts over the next few years.

The matter will go to CalPERS’ full Board of Administration on Wednesday, which will likely approve it.

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Emergency dispatchers honored this week across U.S.

In recognition of the vital work performed by the nation’s police and firefighter dispatchers and technicians, Congress declared April 14-20 this year as National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.

Our time at the CHP communications center in Rancho Cordova recently gave The State Worker a renewed appreciation for the service of folks such as Annie Bernal, pictured at left, all of whom handle hundreds of calls each month, often from people in the worst moments in their lives. (We profiled Annie in last week’s State Worker column.)

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