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Check out this article from Insurance Journal: Attorney Behind $43M Award for Ohio Agent Against Nationwide Insurance to File Class Action

An Ohio law firm that represented a former Nationwide Insurance agent for a $42.8 million jury verdict is getting ready to file a class action against the insurer “in the near future.”

Attorney Caryn Groedel and her law firm Caryn Groedel & Associates in Cleveland represented former agent Christine Lucarell. In November, a jury in Mahoning County, Ohio, handed down $42.8 million in damages for Lucarell for her claim that the insurer imposed unrealistic terms on her agency intended to make her fail and withheld support services.

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Federal grant assists two Sacramento clinics for students

Washington, D.C., dispatched more than $800,000 in federal Affordable Care Act grants to two local clinic operations to bolster health and behavioral health care services for students in two Sacramento school districts.

The Effort network of clinics received $500,000, and the Midtown Medical Center for Children and Families got $376,774 to partner with Sacramento City Unified School District and San Juan Unified School District, respectively.

The Effort, a growing chain of nonprofit safety-net clinics, will upgrade the student health clinic at Hiram Johnson High School.

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Slideshow: 6 Famous Brands Started or Saved by Life Insurance

If not for life insurance, Disneyland might have existed only in Walt’s imagination. Stanford University might have been a short-lived tribute to a son who died young. James Cash Penney’s personal depression during the Great Depression might have shuttered the J.C. Penney chain. McDonald’s might have only served a few hundred thousand. Today’s home chefs might not be getting pampered.

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BUSINESS: Getting the runaround on long-term care insurance

Clinic Administers H1N1 Vaccinations

Rita Corwin, 90, conscientiously paid her premiums for long-term care insurance for 21 years to make sure that if she needed help as she grew older and more fragile, she’d get it.

Yet now that she finds herself in a position to require such assistance, her insurer, Washington National Insurance Co., is denying her claims.

“She bought this insurance for the same reason anyone would,” said Corwin’s daughter, Leni, who has been representing her mother in their dealings with the company. “If you become disabled or need long-term care, it’s just too expensive to pay for on your own.”

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