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The best life insurance for your life stage


Insurance agents regularly approach new moms and dads about buying term life insurance to make sure their children will be cared for until adulthood.

But people’s insurance needs shift depending on their stage in life, and their reasons for getting life insurance can vary, as well. Not keeping their policies in sync with their life stage can mean they risk leaving loved ones in the lurch.

“Every five years, you should revisit your life insurance profile—where you are, where your kids are, where your business is,” said Elizabeth Scheiderer, a financial advisor with NCA Financial Planners. “Sadly, too many families are underinsured.”

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Advisors ease emotional hurdles of retirement!

Smiling senior couple

Retirement is the big financial finish line, but clients often don’t know what they want to do when they get there. Advisors are delving into psychological aspects of retirement planning to help them figure it out.

The need for this became clear to Amy Jo Lauber, certified financial planner and owner of Lauber Financial Planning, 15 years ago when 10 of her clients were offered early retirement packages—and eight were dead within a year of accepting them.

“They had enough money, but they didn’t have enough interests [or] activities to make a new life,” she said.

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State budget balancing is putting pensions at risk

Some 150 state and local pension funds reported assets under $3 trillion to cover the estimated $4.1 trillion needed to pay benefits.

When it comes to the recent improvement in state finances, one retiree’s pain is another one’s gain.

More than five years after the Great Recession tore a giant hole in their budgets, most states have made big progress in stabilizing their finances.

That’s good news for millions of state taxpayers and the millions of investors who hold state-issued municipal bonds—many of whom are retirees that depend on them for a steady stream of safe income.

But the improved fiscal health owes much to a wave of cuts that have whittled away at pension benefits for current and future retirees.

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