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Afraid of outliving your money? Here’s one solution

If you think saving for retirement is hard, wait until you start thinking about how to make the money last.

It’s a challenge that policymakers are focusing on more intently, especially since features like automatic enrollment are encouraging people to save more.

Some 55 percent of workers in a 2014 survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute were at least somewhat confident about having enough money for retirement, including 18 percent who were highly confident. That’s an improvement from 2013, when just 13 percent were highly confident their nest egg was big enough. But many of those investors don’t seem to have a handle on how much money they can and should draw down after they stop working.

You can prevent running out of money and not being secure in your, or your clients retirement by being a knowledgable and educated planner. The best way to do that is to learn from someone who is. Just click here.

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